President Trump praises PM Modi as America’s greatest friend

President Donald Trump on Sunday praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi as “America’s greatest, most devoted, and loyal friend” and backed him in his governance, saying that PM Modi is “doing a truly excellent job in India and for all the Indian people”.

President Trump in his speech, after PM Modi welcomed him to speak, calling him “my friend, a friend of India, the great American President Donald Trump, also appealed to the four-million strong Indian American community to vote for him, saying he was the best US president for strengthening India-US ties.

“PM Modi and I have come to Houston to celebrate everything that binds the US and India, our shared dreams and bright future,” he said at the Howdy Modi event, and addressing the Indian American vote bank, he said: “Also I come to offer my profound gratitude to the nearly four million Indian Americans.”

Praising the Indian diaspora’s contribution, he said “they enrich our culture, uphold our values, uplift our communities, you are truly proud to be American, and we are truly proud to have you as American,” he said, adding that his administration is working to make things easier for them.

Appealing for their votes, he said: “If we are elected, India will have a true and great friend in the White House, and I can tell you that you have never had a better friend as president than President Donald Trump.”

“That I can tell you. The PM knows that,” he said, indicating PM Modi, who in his speech had said “Abki bar Trump sarkar”, in a tacit backing for Trump for re-election.

He said that the relations between India and the US are stronger than ever before. “The ties between our two nations are grounded in our common values and our shared commitment to democracy.”

“Under PM Modi’s leadership the world is witnessing a strong, driving and thriving republic of India,” he said.

“And PM Modi is doing a truly excellent job in India and for all of the Indian people,a he said, adding that it was “an immense privilege to be with him today at this most profoundly historic event”.

“Both India and the US also understand that to keep our communities safe we must protect our borders,” he said, adding that through screening and vetting of applications, “those who threatened our security are denied” entry. “Border security is vital to the US and border security is vital to India, we understand that.”

On the close bilateral bonds, he said: “We are strengthening our cherished bonds with India and proving our power of democracy and the unlimited potential of free people. Together we will continue to deepen the ties between our nations. The US and India will make our nations stronger, our people wealthier, our dreams bigger and our future brighter than ever before.

Ending his speech, he said: “I want to especially thank a great man, a great leader, a leader of India, PM Modi, my friend. God bless you all, God bless India, and God bless America.”

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