Women only app catches inquisitiveness of male users

Both women and men in north India appear to be more concerned and aware of women’s health and wellness matters, according to the findings by a healthtech firm released on Thursday.

Domestic usage patterns on the health app Nyra, by the Singapore-based healthtech start-up Vivant, has revealed that there are 18.3 per cent male users and 81.7 per cent female users on the app.

Nyra found that 43 per cent of their total user base reside in north India, while 30 per cent hail from south India.

The app helps track periods, fertility, ovulation, mood, lifestyle and physical activity along with a host of other features dedicated to women.

According to an official release from Vivant, 34 per cent users have been visiting the app to try and conceive, 22 per cent to track their periods, and 24 per cent visit the app to avoid pregnancy.

The insights further disclosed that, although 67 per cent of the app user base witness regular periods, while 33 per cent suffer from irregular periods, which includes women from the millennial 18-35 age group, as hectic lifestyles and fast-paced lives take a toll on their bodies.

Adolescents below the age of 18 make up about 11 per cent of the total user base, closely followed by the 18-20 age groups at 12 per cent

Commenting on the findings, Vivant Chief Executive Adrit Raha said in a statement: “It is very interesting to note that Nyra as a platform has more than 77,000 male users which suggests a major paradigm shift towards menstruation/periods being accepted as a natural biological process rather than being viewed as a taboo.”

“We hope to be able to help women with apt menstrual hygiene and reproductive consultation as well as be an aid to men who wish to comfort their loved ones,” the statement added.

The app currently has over 4.2 lakh users.

In addition to English, the app is also available in vernacular languages, helping to empower women in traditionally under-served communities in Asia and the Middle East.

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