Man falls from tree in front of tigress

A tigress killed a person in Birsa Munda zoo in Ranchi on Wednesday, police said.

The police said the incident took place when zoo was opened for public on Wednesday.

“A mentally challenged person was hanging on a tree and fell into the tiger protected area of the zoo. Anushka, a tigress roaming around, came close to the person,” police said.

Sources said the person, who has not been identified, died on the spot when he was attacked by the tigress. His body has been sent for post-mortem.

The death has put a question mark on the safety and security of visitors to the zoo. Sources said no one from the zoo staff attempted to save the trapped person.

The tigress was brought to Ranchi from Hyderabad zoo in 2016. She delivered three cubs last year.

In 2018 an elephant had trampled mahout Ramu to death in the same zoo.

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