Kolkata police acquiring dog breed that helped track Laden

The Kolkata police is acquiring the dog breed that had contributed a lot in the US Seal team tracking Al-Qaeda founder chief Osama bin Laden, a senior officer said on Thursday.

The breed, named Belgian Malinois, will be used by the city cops for the combat force’s specialised dog squad which is being created to tackle any future terror incidents.

“It would become our combat force’s attack dogs,” an officer said.

The particular dog breed is being inducted for its ability to withstand harsh climatic situations as is prevalent in the country, sturdiness and the resilience to run long distances without fatigue.

The police have secured the permission from the home ministry and the dogs would be inducted in around a year’s time after they are groomed by experts from outside West Bengal.

A dozen such dogs, after their induction, will be kept in a brand new keenl now coming up near the state secretariat “Nabanna”.

The inclusion of the 12 Belgian Malinois would take the strength of the city police’s famed dog squad to around 60. The present stock includes among others Labrador, Doberman, German Shepherd and Golden Retriever.

According to the website, the Belgian Malinois were originally bred to be herding dogs.

“In the hands of an experienced dog person, they are intense, intelligent, and athletic companions,” said the website, which says it is its mission is to keep dogs out of shelters and get them adopted to good homes.

The life span of the Belgian Malinois is 12-14 years.

“Originally developed in Malines, Belgium, Malinois have a great deal of stamina and truly enjoy working. They are intelligent and very active dogs that excel at many tasks. In addition to herding, they also do well with police work, search and rescue, and in performance events, such as agility,” said the website.

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