Adult site offers job to Royal Family member

The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has been offered a job by an adult website called YouPorn.

The online adult platform would like to appoint Markle as Director of Special Initiatives to help with YouPorn’s philanthropic work, reports femalefirst.co.uk

YouPorn vice president Charlie Hughes wrote in an open letter to Markle: “Congratulations on your recent move! At YouPorn, we have been following the news of MEGXIT closely and we applaud your efforts to create your own life outside of the royal palace.

“We know you will have lots of well-deserved interesting opportunities presented to you but we would like to offer you the unique position of Director of Special Initiatives to aid with YouPorn’s philanthropic endeavours.”

The company explained they were interested in hiring the duchess, who has eight-month-old son Archie with her spouse Prince Harry, because she can find “creative solutions” even “in the face of outdated policies and ways of thinking” so can help when they come up against judgement from other businesses.

The letter continued: “At YouPorn we are always looking for ways to give back but face the challenge of judgement from companies and organisations that do not accept funding from our industry.

“You have proven to be someone that comes up with creative solutions and interesting ways to help make the world a better place, even in the face of outdated policies and ways of thinking. For this reason, you are a perfect fit for the position!”

YouPorn want Markle to create a strategy for philanthropic and sustainable efforts across the whole company.

The letter explained: “Below we have outlined special duties of the position that hopefully pique your interest, upon request we will be happy to provide you with the complete job outline. Form and lead an internal, cross-departmental committee that will help shape and initially oversee the launch of philanthropic efforts by YouPorn.

“Research and plan philanthropic efforts that would be a fit for YouPorn. Secure and leverage senior-level commitment and support for integrating sustainable development into core processes and decision making.

“Lead the formulation of YouPorn’s long-term sustainability vision, mission and operating principles, and lead the development of a high-level strategy to support them. We look forward to hearing back from you and having you join our YouPorn family.”

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