Toilet converted into kitchen

A toilet in Madhya Pradesh is being used for reasons beyond its intended purpose. In complete departure of hygienic norms the toilet in Shivpuri district’s rural child care centre has been converted into a full-fledged kitchen.

In Karera, due to lack of space to prepare food for children at an anganwadi centre, its toilet is being used as a makeshift kitchen.

What’s more shocking is that food is cooked regularly there, and served to the children as well.

Rajkumari Yogi, a staff of the anganwadi centre told IANS that they don’t have any other space than a section of the toilet to cook the midday meal.

She also informed although the issue pertaining to the lack of cooking space was raised several times, no suitable action was taken. Therefore, they were compelled to continue cooking in the toilet.

Priyanka Bunkar, Project Officer of Women and Child Development Department though denied the the question raised on hygiene, and said the construction of the toilet is not complete and it was being used as a kitchen as there was no other water supply point.

This is for the third time, such an episode has been reported from Shivpuri. Previously, instances of using toilets as grocery store and kitchen had also come to the fore.

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