Tired of unending quarrels, man kills his wives

A man who strangled both his wives here because he was tired of their unending quarrels with him and fights among themselves has been arrested, police said on Tuesday.

Jamshed Alam was taken into custody on charges of murdering Ismat Parveen and Zabna in south Delhi on June 27.

After committing the double murder, Alam escaped to his hometown in Bihar. By the time Delhi Police reached there, he was back in the national capital, said Deputy Commissioner of Police Chinmoy Biswal.

He was arrested in Bara Hindu Rao area while going to meet a friend.

“During interrogation he disclosed that his wives had been quarrelling with him and with each other as well. He was fed up. He first strangled Parveen and then his second wife Zabna and ran away after locking the house,” said Biswal.

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