Cops arrange marriage in police station

A young couple was married inside the Juhi police station in Kanpur on Sunday. All the arrangements for the wedding were made by the cops.

Rahul and Naina were neighbours in the cantonment area and fell in love two years ago. However, their families were not ready to accept the relationship so Rahul and Naina quietly opted for a court marriage in July last year but continued to live in their own houses.

A week ago, Naina’s family members began arranging her marriage with another youth and the couple eloped from their houses two day ago.

Naina’s father lodged a complaint with the Juhi police that finally tracked down the couple and brought them to the police station. After hearing their love story, the police summoned both the families and convinced them to accept the alliance.

The families finally agreed and the cops arranged for a priest who solemnized the marriage at the temple inside the police station.

People living nearby joined in the celebrations and brought sweets for the occasion.

Rahul and Naina thanked the cops and went home.

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