Tips to improve your sleep routine

British self-help author and hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold’s new book “Look Young, Live Longer” offers interesting insights into improving fitness and being a happier, healthier you.

Among the things the best-selling author suggests for better sleep are:

1. Get into the habit of going to bed at the same time every night, the earlier the better. Remember — an hour before the midnight is worth two after.

2. Remove any television, hi-fi equipment, mobile phones or landline telephones from your bedroom. Your bedroom is for sleeping and its environment should be conducive to sleep.

3. Sleep in complete darkness so that not even the light from your alarm clock is seen. Make sure you turn off any lights outside your room. Use black-out blinds if necessary, to block out the morning light.

4. Do not eat or drink anything other than water or herbal tea for at least four hours before you go the bed.

5. Keep a notepad and pen by your bedside so that you can jot down things you need to do the next day. Once you have written them on your pad, you can forget about them and go to sleep safe in the knowledge that what you have written down will be remembered.

6. Avoid stress as much as possible by meditating, playing a gentle sport, or practising yoga, pilates or tai chi, especially in the evenings. Calm your mind to alleviate tension before you hit the bed, either by listening to soothing music, doing some sort of relaxation exercise that helps you wind down 30 minutes or so before you retire to bed.

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