India crosses significant milestone to fight Covid-19

Those over 45 years of age will get Covid-19 vaccine from April 1, irrespective of the co-morbidities.

New Delhi : India crossed another significant milestone in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic with vaccination of over five crore beneficiaries as on Tuesday.

According to the data by the Health Ministry, a total of 5,00,75,162 vaccine doses have been given, as per the provisional report till 7 p.m.

These include 79,03,068 healthcare workers who have taken the first dose and 50,09,252 administered the second dose, as well as 83,33,713 frontline workers given the first dose) and 30,60,060 the second.

A total of 2,12,03,700 beneficiaries more than 60 years old and 45,65,369 beneficiaries aged 45 and above with specific co-morbidities have also received the doses.

A total of 15,80,568 vaccine doses were given till 7 p.m. on Tuesday, the 67th day of nationwide Covid-19 vaccination.

A total of 13,74,697 beneficiaries were vaccinated with the first dose and 2,05,871 healthcare workers and frontline workers received the second dose, as per the provisional report.

The countrywide vaccination drive was rolled out on January 16 for healthcare workers and vaccination of frontline workers started from February 2.

The next phase of Covid-19 vaccination commenced from March 1 for those who are over 60 years of age and for people aged 45 and above with specific comorbid conditions.

Those over 45 years of age will get Covid-19 vaccine from April 1, irrespective of the co-morbidities, the Centre announced earlier on Tuesday.

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