Thousands throng to see ‘Bandariya Baba’, who lives on trees

Thousands of people are thronging to see ‘Bandariya Baba’ who lives on the top a tree here in Uttar Pradesh.

The man in his late sixties has a simian-like abilities, and eats and sleeps on the tree in Sujauli in Bahraich.

Dressed as a seer in saffron robes, the man, popularly known as the ‘Bandariya Baba’, said he is a staunch devotee of Lord Hanuman and has been bestowed with special qualities.

“I have special blessings of Lord Hanuman. He gives me the power to climb trees. I stay on trees, and perform puja and havan. I also sleep here. I even do meditation while sitting on a branch of the tree,” he said.

The man is said to be a native of Pilibhit district and has spent years in Haridwar. But no one knows his real name.

He arrived in Bahraich about four months ago, but was driven away by the cops who said that he was causing a ‘major law and order problem’. But he is back again and a large number of people come to see the man .

Bahraich police Public Relation Officer Jitendra Kumar Singh said that they have made heavy deployment in the area to maintain law and order. “People are coming in thousands to see him. You never know what may happen when. We cannot take any chance,” he said.

The man remains perched on the top of the tree, but does not hesitate to talk on mobile phones. Police have many times tried to bring him down, but he threatens to jump off the tree.

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