This Baba wears 16 kg gold ornaments

Sudhir Makkar, now known as ‘Golden Baba’, has been the centre of attraction in the ongoing Kanwar Yatra here in Uttar Pradesh.

He wears gold ornaments that weigh more than 16 kilos.

“I have been participating in the Kanwar Yatra for the past 26 years and till last year, I wore 26 kilos of gold but I have reduced them because of poor health,” he said.

Golden Baba further said: “Initially I used to wear 2-3 grams of gold ornaments but today I wear kilos of gold ornaments. I have never asked for any contribution or loan for these ornaments, I have spent my own money to buy them.”

The ornaments include a collection of chains, lockets of deities, rings and bracelets.

Golden Baba has a group of his own consisting of around 250-300 men and basic facilities like food, water and ambulance are always available during his Kanwar Yatra.

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