Nafisa Ali takes social media as platform to ask for work

Veteran actress Nafisa Ali Sodhi, a “cancer warrior”, is looking for a “perfect script as a senior actor”, and says she would like to play an “elegant role in Indian cinema”.

Almost two years after Neena Gupta took to social media asking for work, Nafisa, who revealed about her battle with ovarian cancer last year, took the same route.

The former beauty queen took to Instagram and Facebook to express her desire to work, and shared a portfolio photograph of her — in which she is seen embracing her new bald look with confidence.

“Warrior me at 62.I am ready to work as I am now a cancer warrior,” she wrote on Facebook.

On Instagram, she posted: “I am Nafisa Ali Sodhi and I would like an elegant role to portray in Indian cinema. So looking for a perfect script as a senior actor.

“I need to work to express my emotions. I will not be dictated to,” added the actress, who has featured in “Major Saab”, “Bewafaa” and “Life In A… Metro”.

“May God give each of us the strength to follow our dreams. Stop targeting young women in India. Stop religious intolerance. Stop dictating to Indians. India is unique and we must protect our secular fabric. Stop this divide and rule. Focus on a better world,” she added.

The actress also came out in support of Zaira Wasim and her decision to quit the world of showbiz.

Zaira, who starred in “Dangal” and “Secret Superstar”, has bid goodbye to her film career as she felt her relationship with her religion was threatened.

Opening up on that, Nafisa posted: “This is the new me…older, grey and feeling positive. I saw myself when I was 20 and I just felt for young actor Zaira Wasim. I thought let me put this message out that work is something which is your choice, it is your freedom, your independent right.

“There are many pressures young people are surrounded by… but if you have a choice, make sure you think and make the right choice. Because I always look back and say why did I give in, why did I listen to my father, I should have listened to myself.”

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