Kolkata youth arrested for threatening Sanjay Raut using Kangana’s name

The police are trying to investigate if Palash actually has any connection with Kangana.

Mumbai : Palash Bose, a resident of the south Kolkata locality of Tollygunge, was arrested by the Mumbai Police late on Thursday night on charges of allegedly threatening Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut over internet call, using the name of Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. Mumbai Police arrested Palash after tracking the IP address of the accused.

“Right now we only have the information that this person was arrested for threatening Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut. What exactly is the reason for arresting him all of a sudden coming from Mumbai to Kolkata we don’t know. We can comment only after seeing the remand,” advocate Anirban Guhathakurta, representing the accused, told IANS.

Earlier, Guhathakurta said in a statement: “Palash Bose, resident of Tollygunge, has been arrested yesterday night by Mumbai police allegedly for a threat call to MP Sanjay Routh of Shiv Sena.. It has been alleged that Palash is a supporter of Kangana, and so this threat call. He will be produced at Alipore Court for transit remand at 1pm today.”

The police are trying to investigate if Palash actually has any connection with Kangana, and what might have provoked him to allegedly call and threaten Raut using the actress’s name.

Mumbai Police will apply for transit remand at Kolkata’s Alipore Court on Friday afternoon, so that the accused can be brought to Mumbai for further investigation.

The arrest of the youth happens at a time when there is increasing tension between Kangana and the Shiv Sena over her recent insulting rant towards Mumbai, its police force and the Maharashtra state government, following which Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation initiated a demolition drive at her office building in Mumbai. Kangana has been allotted Y-plus security by the government of India following the spat.

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