Don’t wait for gyms to reopen, do this to boost immunity

Given the current pandemic, it's more important than ever to take care of health via regular physical exercises.

New Delhi : As the gyms and yoga institutes are yet to fully reopen across the country, experts suggest not to miss your workouts and do regular exercises for at least 30 minutes daily to boost immunity and fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Given the current pandemic, it’s more important than ever to take care of health via regular physical exercises.

If it’s not possible to go to the gym, fitness centres or the neighbourhood park, then exercising at home is ideal.

Though the government has permitted gym and fitness centres to resume functions in Unlock 3.0, the Delhi government has not yet taken a decision on the reopening of gyms and fitness centres in the capital city.

Speaking to IANS, Dr L. Tomar, Director, Department of Orthopedics and Joint Replacement from Max Hospital in New Delhi, amid the Covid-19 lockdown, at least exercising for 30 minutes per day is really necessary.

“Staying active and regular exercise also reduces the chances of developing lifestyle-related diseases, helps in boosting immunity and thus give strength in fighting coronavirus infection,” he added.

“Exercises also help in alleviating moods and thus avoiding mental depression which is quite frequently associated with this pandemic leading to a long confinement, fear and financial uncertainties,” Tomar explained.

According to Harshal R. Salve, Associate Professor at All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi, being active and reducing daily sedentary has proven to be beneficial for reduction of risk of non-communicable diseases.

“Also the severity of Covid-19 related complications were observed more among obese and with pre-existing chronic diseases,” Salve told IANS.

Hence, during Covid-19 times, it is perhaps more important to remain active by doing exercise, yoga and household chores during the indoor stay. This will not only improve physical fitness but also helps to stay mentally healthy, the doctor said.

The country is witnessing a high demand for home fitness products, as people focus more on health and wellness in the wake of the pandemic.

According to NorthAlp, an online shopping portal that exclusively focuses on sports activewear and fitness gear segments, they have seen a 300 per cent increase in sales.

“NorthAlp is experiencing a high online demand for activewear and fitness products, especially our wide collection of premium branded yoga mats have seen extraordinary popularity,” Vijay Kannan, Managing Director India, NorthAlp, had told IANS.

Dr Parmeet Kaur, Senior Dietician at Narayana Hospital in Gurugram said that it’s not necessary to go to the gym only for a workout; one can maintain fitness even at home.

“Also, maintain your food habits as per your exercise routine, never avoid any minor symptom and consult doctors,” she said.

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