Rooms in this village are hard to come by, foreigners are also rushing

The Village highlights the importance of sustainable living along with the preservation and promotion of cultural and traditional heritage.

Fayyaz Ahmed, a local youth of Ganderbal district of central Kashmir, has established ‘Sagg Eco Village’ in the Chanthan Gulabpura area, which has become a centre of attraction for the local and foreign tourists.

Located at the foothills of the Sindh River in the Wali War region, Sagg Eco Village highlights the importance of sustainable living along with the preservation and promotion of Kashmir’s cultural and traditional heritage.

Spread over an area of 1.5 acres, the eco-village has beautiful mud houses to live in while tourists are treated to a traditional savoury feast of food produced at an organic farm in the village itself.

Old and rare artefacts are kept here to reflect the lifestyle of Kashmir’s glorious past while the entire system is carried out according to traditional methods. In keeping with the theme, the food is served in earthen pots.

All the materials needed to build this village are sourced locally, and even the furniture used here is made by artisans using local wood. The Eco Village also fully follows the zero waste concept.

The unique eco-friendly village was founded in 2013 by a local youth, Fayaz Ahmed Dar. Speaking to the media, Fayyaz said that it is not just an effort to create a sustainable entertainment destination, but also to guide people, especially the youth, to realise their true potential and make better life choices.

He said it took him more than three years to achieve this goal, during which he raised an initial investment of around Rs 60 lakh, using his own savings and money from friends and family. With the funds he collected, he was able to build this village that showcases the true essence of Kashmiri culture and heritage.

Sagg Eco Village is an ecological, recreational, and educational farm and camping facility, according to Fayyaz. Shafi Ahmed, who visited this village from Srinagar, says that the moments spent here were calm and memorable in today’s fast-paced life. Shafi said that this is a unique place and must be visited once al least.

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