Miraculous escape for Kamal Haasan & Kajal in accident

It was fraction of a second between life and death for movie top actors — Kamal Haasan, Kajal Aggarwal — and costume designer Amritharam at the shooting spot of movie “Indian 2”.

On Wednesday night a crane used for constructing the set at the EVP Film City near here for the movie crashed killing three and injuring 12.

“Providential escape from the ghastly mishap. Literally 10 secs away from being crushed under. Fortunate Kamal sir, Kajal n me who were right under are safe #count your blessings.. our crushed canopy under the crane. We are #safe RIP our fellow mates,” costume designer Amritharam tweeted.

Similarly, Aggarwal also tweeted about her providential escape.

In the tweet Aggarwal said: “In so much shock, denial, trauma from the monstrous crane accident last night. All it took was a fraction of a second to stay alive and type this tweet. Just that one moment. Gratitude. So much learning and appreciation for the value of time and life.”

“Words cannot describe the heartache I feel at the unexpected, untimely loss of my colleagues from last night. Krishna, Chandran and Madhu. Sending love, strength and my deepest condolences to your families. May god give strength in this moment of desolation,” Aggarwal said.

Meanwhile production company Lyca Productions condoled the death of three technicians — Krishna, Chandran and Madhu — in the accident.

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