Millennial stress load – and how to overcome it

Dr. Shruthi M. Hegde, Ayurveda Expert at The Himalaya Drug Company, shares a few tips for millennials who lead stressful lives.

India, with a population of over a billion people, will have the worlds youngest population by 2020. While this sounds promising in terms of the composition of the workforce, the millennial generation is also proven to have higher stress levels in comparison to those of an older generation.

Several studies suggest that there has been a marked increase in stress levels among millennials owing to various factors involving increased competition at the work place, unstable relationships and sedentary/unhealthy lifestyle, among others. The unmanaged stress further leads to depression.

Dr. Shruthi M. Hegde, Ayurveda Expert at The Himalaya Drug Company, shares a few tips for millennials who lead stressful lives.

* Plan your schedule:

One minute of planning translates into at least 10 minutes saved. Planning is a great tool to enhance efficiency and also brings down stress. When tasks pile up, it is natural to get overwhelmed. This can be prevented by keeping a simple checklist or to-do list. Once you’ve been doing it for a few weeks, it becomes second nature. Ensure you have a plan for the day with a clear objective; this allows you to focus on your goals and keeps you motivated.

* Listen to instrumental music to relax:

From time immemorial, music has been known to play a positive effect in soothing a person’s senses. The tempo, lyrics and volume of the music you listen to have an enormous effect your mood. Slow-tempo, quiet music will help you relax – and soothe your frayed nerves. While you are working, you can listen to calm instrumental music. This clears the mind and helps you unwind. If you’re feeling low, play upbeat music. This will lighten up your mood and elate your senses. Sometimes, vocals and lyrics can inspire you and lift your spirits.

* Get enough sleep and rest:

Staying up late in the night is common amongst millennials but can have dangerous effects on mental health. Some people have trouble sleeping early, while others find entertainment or social media preventing them from having an early night. One of the best ways that can help you sleep early is exercising for at least 45 minutes every day. This also helps you sleep better and you’ll wake up feeling more refreshed.

Getting a minimum of six hours of sleep is necessary to stay fit throughout the day. However, if time constraints prevent a full eight hours of sleep, meditating for 15 minutes can have the same effect on your mind and will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

* Incorporate Ashvagandha herb in your diet:

Owing to hectic and sedentary lifestyles, we tend to “unfollow” healthy eating habits. We often skip eating wholesome meals. Most of us may be unaware that certain foods can help in relieving stress and anxiety. Fruits such banana and avocado in addition to carrots and yogurt, help you calm down. A herb like Ashvagandha, according to Ayurvedic texts and modern research, is an adaptogen, which helps relieve stress. The herb is easily available in the form of tablets. One can consume one or two tablets daily, or as directed by the doctor.

These are some of the simplest ways to combat the stress faced by millennials. It’s always a good idea to start with simple, natural remedies, as they can be extremely effective.

(Disclaimer: This article is intended for general information only. Please consult your doctor before consuming the Ashvagandha tablets)

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