Cabinet Minister Smriti Irani condemns bullying of her daughter with strong message

Union Cabinet Minister Smriti Irani has expressed anguish over attempted bullying of her daughter. Condemning bullying, she wrote a post on Instagram of her daughter on Friday attaching a selfie of her daughter. Smriti strongly claimed on the post: “She is Zoish Irani and I am proud to be her mom.”

Smriti’s post apparently concerned a bullying incident involving her daughter by her classmates. On Thursday, Smriti had deleted Zoish’s picture after posting it, but after a short gap, shared it again with a strong message against bullying.

The picture was initially deleted because Zoish was bullied in school by a classmate, after Smriti posted it on the Instagram. Later, Zoish had requested her mother to delete the picture. Smriti reluctantly acceded to her wish.

It is apparent that Smriti was unhappy removing the picture from the social media platform, though she removed it initially ; eventually she decided against it. Re-posting the picture, she said her daughter will fight back.

“I deleted my daughter’s selfie yesterday coz an idiot bullied in her class, Jha, mocks her for her looks & tells his pals in class to humiliate her for how she looks in her mother’s insta post. My child pleaded with me ‘Ma please delete it, they are making fun of me’. I obliged coz I could not stand her tears,” Smriti wrote in the post.

Smriti shared the accomplishments of her daughter and vowed not to bow.

“Then I realised my act just supported the bully. So, Mr Jha , my daughter is an accomplished sports person, record holder in Limca Books, 2Nd Dan black belt in Karate, at the World Championships has been awarded bronze medal twice; is a loving daughter and yes damn beautiful. Bully her all you want to, she will fight back,” said Smriti at the end of the post and then signed off.

The post has already gone viral with more than 64,000 likes late in the evening. There is an out-flow of motivational and emotional comments on the social media platform. Instagram users are prasing Smriti for standing up for her daughter by giving a fitting reply against bullying.

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