Twitterati flay BJP leader over tweet on Anurag Kashyap

BJP leader Shaina NC was on Tuesday flayed by a section of Twitterati after she questioned film director Anurag Kashyap on his opposition to the government.

She wrote on @ShainaNC: “To Anurag Kashyap I ask?? We must be the only country where you can criticise @narendramodi, the PM of the country, without any compunction. Enjoy this freedom, but your insidious activities may end up killing the golden goose. Think… or maybe, that’s beyond you.” It got 557 retweets and 2K likes.

One user posted: “He is exercising the exact same right you did in criticising the previous PM…”

“Yup, Shaina. Why was it OK to criticise every PM earlier,” asked one user.

One user tweeted: “‘India is the only country…’ made me recall an old joke. American: ‘We are a free people. I can march up to the White House and call the President an idiot.’ Russian: ‘We too are a free people. I can march up the steps of the White House & call your president an idiot.'”

One post read: “Oh, and HOLD on to your chair when I tell you this, Shaina: In other democracies, people do not get called anti-nationals or Urban Naxals for criticising the leaders THEY have elected.”

A user remarked: “No madam, every democracy has that freedom. In fact, in the US, one is not called anti-national or terrorist for criticising the government. And no matter how fascist Donald Trump is, he doesn’t have terrorists in his students wing.”

On Monday, Anurag Kashyap had changed his Twitter display picture in which Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah were shown in masks. The filmmaker was criticised by a section of Twitterati on the issue.

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