Riding horse, clicking selfies make the first day of school memorable

For a kid, the formative years spent in school are unparalleled. This is why it needs to be striking.

First day of school is indeed a special memory. And when a school makes this day special, it stays with the child and parents forever. A student’s positive association with school is crucial to his/her learning, and encouraging children to go to school regularly helps check drop-out rates.

As if to drive home this point, the villagers of Chorpura under Savli taluka in Baroda district are giving regal horse rides to children entering school. This has become the talk of the town and as ‘Shala Praveshotsav’ has been going on throughout the state, many schools are trying out unique methods to attract children to school.

As part of the enrolment drive, children are brought to school on a decorated horse on the first day. District Primary Education Officer Archana Chaudhary has extended her appreciation for such innovation in school admission and applauded their enthusiasm.

Also, in keeping with the trend, a special selfie point for ‘my first day at school’ has been put up where children, teachers and parents click pictures. In this way, the villagers made the programme a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

She said that schools are encouraged to organise different activities so that children come to school enthusiastically.

Arifbhai Pathan has been teaching in this small school in Chorpura since 2001. He agrees that schooling is the most important phase of a child’s life. So, to make it memorable, he asked for a horse and welcomed five girls and three boys to the school in a royal fashion that they will always remember.

Sapnaben Babubhai Patel, co-principal of the school, said that most of the families in the village are from ordinary economic background, but they enthusiastically participate in every event of the school.

The annual cultural programme is organised for parents and they happily participate in its planning.

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